Product reviews: Mask of Magnaminty, Cup O’ Coffee, & Oaty Creamy Dreamy by Lush

Quarantine has certainly awoken the “treat yourself” Queen within me and I have been on various shameless online shopping sprees (maybe just a little shame).

A few of my colleagues are big fans of Lush products, mostly their bath bombs. I’m not a bather of any sort, so I was more interested in their other skin care products, specifically their face masks and body scrubs. Whether or not a product is vegan is not a deal breaker for me. But it’s nice to know that Lush products are made with a lot of natural ingredients and I like that all the ingredients are linked to informational pages detailing their purpose and benefits.

The two main Lush products that have been on my wish list for ages include the Mask of Magnaminty and Cup O’ Coffee face and body mask. I’ve been searching for a moisturizing body wash and checked out their shower products. I eventually decided on the Oaty Creamy Dreamy shower cream.

I received these products on May 7th and have used each of them at least 5 times since receiving them. Both the Cup O’ Coffee and Oaty Creamy Dreamy shower cream are self-preserving (SP) formulas. I chose to get the original, non-self-preserving formula of the Mask of Magnaminty because some reviews mentioned that the new SP formula was not as good.

I had heard of the Mask of Magnaminty from one of my college classmates who raved about it and constantly posted photos of herself using it to de-stress from her music teaching job (fun fact: my undergraduate degree is in Music Education).

Fresh ingredients in this mask include honey, peppermint oil, and ground aduki beans. Ingredients such as glycerine and honey are great for moisturizing, while bentone gel and kaolin are common clay mask ingredients that absorb oils. The ground beans act as gentle exfoliators when scrubbing the mask off with water.

Overall, I liked this mask. Clay masks are great for oily skin and I enjoy using this on days when my pores feel very congested or when I have breakouts. While I like the peppermint oil because of how cooling it is on the skin, the scent is quite strong and it took me a while to get used to it. Spreading a thin, rather than generous, layer of product across the skin helps to alleviate this issue. 4/5 🌟

I love the taste and scent of coffee, so I was very excited to try out the Cup O’ Coffee mask. Ground coffee not only provides a delicious fragrance, but has antioxidant properties and acts as a physical exfoliator for gently polishing skin. While this also contains kaolin and bentone, this mask is much more moisturizing than Magnaminty, as it also contains glycerine and vanilla absolute. Unlike a normal clay mask, this dries to a tacky finish.

I really do love this mask. I only like my physical exfoliators in wash off masks and this feels so nice when it is gently massaged over the skin. The coffee grounds are quite large, so I would advise those with sensitive skin to be extra gentle. It can also be quite messy, so make sure to rinse your face well to wash away all those coffee grounds. The smell is heavenly and my skin not only feelsclean afterwards, but soft and not completely dried out. I use this pretty much whenever I feel like it, sometimes in the morning and sometimes at night. 4.5/5🌟

I struggle with dry skin on my body as well as some minor eczema, and it doesn’t help that I love to indulge myself with warm showers everyday. It’s hard for me to find a body wash that I love because I feel like they always leave me feeling dry after a shower.

Lush’s Oaty Creamy Dreamy really sounded like a dream come true. It contains rose water which helps with calming irritation, as well as oat milk which has soothing and hydrating properties, and cocoa butter, a common moisturizing ingredient. Personally, I don’t like the smell of cocoa butter, but I had to try this shower cream.

I knew this was going to be moisturizing because it is very thick and creamy. I cannot really describe the scent, but it is very unique. It’s invigorating like mint, but it doesn’t contain mint, though it does include a mix of oils at the end of the ingredient list (chamomile blue, lavender, and tea tree–the latter most likely being the culprit). It feels so lovely on my skin. I use this almost every other day, after exfoliating my body with a Korean Exfoliating Towel (if you’ve never used one, it has a very wiry surface which is amazing for scrubbing away dead skin). The towel can leave skin feeling a bit raw, so the Lush shower cream feels very soothing when applied soon after. 4/5🌟

Let me know if you’ve tried any Lush products in the comments below.

xo jasmine

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